Roadmap to Success

An Idea. A Vision. A Journey.

The journey commenced in 1998 with Environair providing Hygiene services. In  2011 there was a change of ownership and Total Ventilation Hygiene (TVH) commenced operations. TVH is owned and managed by three Directors involved in the daily management and setting the strategic vision of the business.

Since then, TVH has expanded providing multiple service offering nationally. Recently TVH purchased McMaster Refrigeration to allow us a greater technical presence in the central Queensland area.

In recent times we have seen the commencement of TVH’s sister company TVHi. TVHi is a proudly aboriginal organisation.

About TVH

1998: Commencement of Enviroair 

2009: National Footprint

2011: Change of Ownership to TVH

2013: TVH receives full accreditation

2021: TVH purchase McMaster Refrigeration

2021: Commencement of the sister company TVHi