TVH Recognises Excellence

At the beginning of 2022, TVH had 26 apprentices employed across the country. Today, in August 2023, there are 58 apprentices and trainees employed by TVH and we have proudly supported the completion of training for 12 apprentices over the past 12 months. What many people don’t realise is that, for an employer, there is a significant administrative requirement for hosting an apprentice or trainee.

Several years ago, the Federal Government introduced a system whereby Apprenticeship Support Networks (ASN) would provide publicly funded support for apprentices and employers to manage many of the administrative tasks that go along with commencing and then successfully working through to completion in an apprenticeship or traineeship. Apart from administrative support, these ASN providers also often allow for mentorship and career development programs free of charge. TVH and its apprentices have truly benefited from these services over the past few years.

In February 2022, TVH reached out to one of these ASN providers, MEGT, to seek some advice regarding streamlining of our apprenticeship management processes. Ashlee Gallaway was the MEGT field consultant who looked after the area where the TVH Head Office is based in South-West Sydney and she was only too happy to come in and meet with members of the TVH management team to provide some advice and support. Despite Ashlee’s job description only requiring her to take care of matters to do with apprentices and trainees in South-West Sydney, she has gone above and beyond over the past 18 months to provide support for TVH in dealing with apprentices nationally. She assisted in the process of moving all eligible apprentices and trainees over to be supported by MEGT and was always readily available to answer all manner of questions coming from TVH staff across the country, from Whyalla to Wagga Wagga to Woolloongabba. Working with Ashlee allowed TVH to establish sustainable processes for managing apprentices as we moved through a period of significant growth, including in the number of employees engaging with apprenticeships or traineeships.

The TVH apprenticeship program has reached a size which requires MEGT to provide us with a National Account Manager. We are thrilled to have Chloe Murphy operating in this role and we are looking forward to working with her to continue providing an excellent learning experience for our apprentices and trainees. However, we acknowledge that this means we will have less interaction with Ashlee. We are grateful that Ashlee will remain as our local field consultant for our Sydney-based apprentices but we also want to take a moment to thank and commend Ashlee for the excellence that she has demonstrated in her support of TVH over the past 18 months. We were able to express the same gratitude for Ashlee’s work to the MEGT management team and we learnt that Ashlee was quietly accomplishing all of this behind the scenes, without ever expecting to be recognised for it. Both MEGT and TVH are truly appreciative of her work and diligence.


Ashlee Gallaway with Kirsten Tautuhi-Wright (TVH Business Services Trainee) and Joel Wells (TVH Manager – NSW & ACT)


NAIDOC Week 2022

TVH are proud to support our indigenous staff. In celebration of Naidoc week 2022 we would like to share a message from one of our indigenous technicians Sharna McLachlan.

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